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We've moved!  from Barcelona to Salt Lake City.

After almost five great years of living, writing, and teaching in Portugal and Barcelona, Spain, Debora and I moved to 
Salt Lake City! Why Salt Lake City?  Well, there were two important reasons. The first is that it is home the town of
Dennis Genpo Merzel, founder of the Big Mind Process with whom Debora has trained extensively over the past 
two years. The second reason is that The Uncommon Path is being released in July, 2009 and SLC is a central location.

Leaving Barcelona, Jan 2009.

IMG_2535.JPG (1523496 bytes)
Our farewell dinner
IMG_2531.JPG (1066282 bytes)
Shiva helps packing
IMG_2555.JPG (2055271 bytes)
Deb and the 'big rig'
in Barcelona
IMG_2552.JPG (1771152 bytes)
Mick and the packing experts
in Spain.
IMG_2561.JPG (1109253 bytes)
Shiva gets her 'passport'
IMG_2565a.jpg (491979 bytes)
On the way to Ireland
IMG_2585.JPG (1113810 bytes)
Over the Liffey, in Dublin
IMG_2578.JPG (1489740 bytes)
Power and graffiti!
Awakening Values and Big Mind in Dublin
IMG_2582.JPG (1715968 bytes)
At the famous GPO
IMG_2588a.jpg (782542 bytes)
The old school, TCD
IMG_2590.JPG (1171091 bytes)
Irish event manager Max
IMG_2596.JPG (2172037 bytes)
Teaching together in Dublin

Working on the way to NYC
IMG_2649.JPG (1674710 bytes)
US/Japan consultant 
Yvonne Burton

IMG_2632.JPG (1355550 bytes)
This bridge is really for sale!
IMG_2626.JPG (1041310 bytes)
With author Ed Bobrow in NYC
On the East Coast, NYC and Washington
IMG_2639.JPG (1866790 bytes)
Osiris (and Nina) who is marketing the book and events at universities.
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IMG_2668.JPG (1347821 bytes)
Sleeping puppy at Irish Jacks
IMG_2651.JPG (1615253 bytes)
Shiva's on 5th Avenue in NYC!
IMG_2672.JPG (1451107 bytes)
Snow at the Met. Museum
IMG_2679.JPG (1174302 bytes)
At Obama's office
IMG_2681.JPG (2349492 bytes)
The biggest pencil in VA!
IMG_2686.JPG (1644299 bytes)
Playing catch in Chattanooga
The cross-country drive begins
IMG_2697.JPG (1151676 bytes)
With Amy in Nashville
IMG_2710.JPG (1405487 bytes)
Route 66 in Arkansas
IMG_2735.JPG (1990928 bytes)
What's not big in Texas!
IMG_2739.JPG (2053760 bytes)
South of Las Vegas, New Mexico
IMG_2744.JPG (1637459 bytes)
North of Las Vegas, NM.
IMG_2753.JPG (1404823 bytes)
Debora with Taido Sensei  and 
Liz Fox in Taos, New Mexico

... and on through Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and finally to Utah!

IMG_2757.JPG (1590158 bytes)
Are we there yet?!
IMG_2761.JPG (1542448 bytes)
Ah! Wide-open Wyoming
IMG_2774.JPG (1646187 bytes)
Finally! Park City, Utah
IMG_2767.JPG (1463612 bytes)
Emigration Canyon with 
Salt Lake City in the background
IMG_2770.JPG (1497234 bytes)
Thank you! for a great road trip
IMG_2858.JPG (1789996 bytes)
Spanish girl shovels snow!
IMG_2916.JPG (1460551 bytes)
Spring has sprung in SLC


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