Roshi Dennis Genpo Merzel
who is the founder of The Big
Mind Process with author 
Mick Quinn and his wife, 
and teaching partner Debora 
Prieto, in 2008. Debora uses
The Big Mind Process as
part of the Uncommon
Path Coaching Programs

Each chapter of The Uncommon Path
includes Evolutionary Pointers that
distil its core concepts into a short
sentence or two that can easily
be practiced throughout the day. 

Real-Life Examples appear through
-out the book that guide you to 
integrate the wisdom of this 
message into your career,
relationships and everyday life.

Regardless of your cultural
background or current spiritual
practice, you will find that this
book delivers (many and
profound) Ah! moments.


Duncan Campbell interviews
Mick Quinn  on Living Dialogues. 
Previous guests include 
Eckhart Tolle, Ervin Lazlo,
Deepak Chopra, Gangaji, 
Andrew Weil, and Byron Katie.
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Update: January 2012 - See how this book has catalyzed our non-profit
foundation in Central America:

Read Ken Wilber's endorsement of the work of The Integral Heart Foundation in Guatemala here.

The Uncommon Path reveals what is commonly referred 
to as conscious self-development can be nothing more 
than a kaleidoscope of metaphysical distractions, 
orchestrated by concealed conditioning to keep 
us well clear of clarity and authenticity.  

--Ted Saad, Director of Integral Boston:  
"I am reading your book now. Outstanding! You really have
integrated the teachings of Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen 
in such a profound and fresh way."

--Gary Renard, author of The Disappearance of the Universe
"This book gives us a program to achieve genuine happiness,
and does so in an informative and gripping way."

--Jeff Carreira, Director of Education, EnlightenNext.
"Includes a values-based approach to Integral that yields real results."

--Bob Weintein, Author and Nationally-syndicated Journalist.
"Universally powerful, yet intimate message."

Ed Bobrow, Author and Adjunct Professor NYU.
"Nourishment for your soul and practical advice for your success."

Lama Ole Nydahl, founder of 500 Diamond Way Buddhist centers.
"The Uncommon Path is such an important subject."

6.36 minutes: The potential of relationships without conflict

Download Mick Quinn in an
interview with Doc Barham and
Michael Richardson on the
potential hidden in our Shadow
This # 1 bestselling book is about realizing a way of life that is far more

durable, fulfilling and self-sustaining than just gaining worldly success.

The Uncommon Path  is about opening your mind and heart to other

possibilities, those that are far greater and far more challenging than

building 'the dream life' - yet are just as attainable and sustainable as

the pictures and words that others have placed in your mind.

--H.B. Augustine, about our work in Guatemala: "What you and Mick 
are doing is a perfect example for what the Integral community itself 
now needs to accept, embrace, and enact: taking these celestial ideas 
and venturing into the flames of samsara, getting one's hands dirty, 
embracing the suffering and actually connecting with people who 
experience it far more than we can even imagine - as opposed to just 
sitting back and theorizing about AQAL."

1.35 minutes: Two ways to joy
THE UNCOMMON PATH combines core aspects of Wilber's Integral Theory,

the simplicity of Genpo Merzel's  Big Mind Process, the gentleness of Eckhart

Tolle's wisdom, the clarity of Andrew Cohen's teachings of Evolutionary

, and evolved exercises based on the lifework of Coaching

founder, Thomas J. Leonard. The goal is to help you identify and transcend

concealed conditioning on the path of awakening authentic joy.
3.37 minutes:  The voice of Freedom

"This book is nourishment for your soul, practical advice for your success."
--Ed Bobrow, Author of 11 books and Former Adjunct Professor NYU.

"The authorís style speaks between the lines--like silence making music.
I highly recommend this excellent book."
--Raquel Torrent, Psychologist and Ex-president of Integral Spain.

"This book gives us a program to achieve genuine happiness, and does so 
in an informative and gripping way."
--Gary Renard, the best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe.

"Universally powerful, yet intimate message."
--Bob Weinstein, Author and Syndicated Journalist for The Washington Post.

"The author has developed his own unique understanding of some of the core tenets of Andrew Cohenís Evolutionary Enlightenment and combined 
it with a values-based approach to Integral coaching that yields real results.
--Jeff Carreira, Director of Education, EnlightenNext.  
6.24 minutes: Dealing with friends who are different levels of development
THE UNCOMMON PATH is for readers who yearn for purpose and freedom,
who after years of self-help programs, now suspect that the very conditioning they seek to surpass has been leading their quests all 
along. It is also for those who are looking for wholesome and lasting 
changes in the basis, purpose, and expressions of their relationships.
33 seconds: What is True Individuality


"If you haven't read the book, read it! If you've read the book, seriously
consider the coaching. Both routes will help transform your life in ways 
you can't imagine.
--Tyler Keith, Evolutionary, Brown University.  

"This book lives up to its title and beyond--and teaches how to transcend 
the illusion of mediocrity in order to embrace our entitled greatness.
--Dr. Mario E. Martinez - Author and National Geographic stigmata expert.

"The author is a passionate evolutionary. His book is his original method 
to awakening our full potential. Mick applies the teachings of Evolutionary
Enlightenment as well as learnings from other approaches, in a very 
practical way.
--Chris Parish, Director of EnlightenNext, London.  

"Such an important subject."
--Lama Ole Nydahl, author and founder of Diamond Way Buddhist centers.   

"Reading this book was like a breath of fresh air to me when I first
encountered it, or perhaps like a
'buzzsaw'that went cross-grain through
all my assumptions.
--Rogier F. van Vlissingen - Author of Closing the Circle.

"I am most impressed by both his subject matter and his presentation. 
[This book] is thought provoking throughout, and will win many readers
to achieve a happier more
relaxed and contented way of living."
--Dr. Patrick Murray  - M.A, M.Litt. PhD (NUI) PhD (T.C.D.) H.D.E.